Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Century City AMC

I HATE the Century City AMC! Movies are a big part of my life and around late March, I start getting very excited for the upcoming summer blockbusters. You give me a flashy trailer and I will be excited for months leading up to opening day. Such is the case with Iron Man 2. I think that I was jacked up to see this movie the moment the first one ended. So, Jackie and I went online tonight to reserve some tickets for opening night, May 7th. We are (or were) big fans of the Century City mall. Ever since Westfield remodeled the place, it has been amazing. Recently the movie theater has changed to an assigned seating facility. This was great, a theater we like and now no waiting in line. So, why the hate? Well, this may seem petty, but they raised their prices. Normally, I wouldn't post on a buck or two, but when I went to select my tickets, they were charging $16.50 a ticket!!!! And, that's before the one dollar per ticket "Convenience" Charge (a whole post on this concept is no doubt on the way)!

I get that LA is going to charge a little on the high side, but I think the regional average is about $12 or so. I kind of get charging an extra dollar or two for IMAX or maybe for 3D (however I think this is a scam anyway) so maybe if this was a 3D IMAX movie, they MIGHT be justified, MAYBE! But, this particular screening was neither on IMAX nor in 3D (the IMAX showings were $17.50). This was just an advanced purchase for a normal movie in a normal theater with assigned seating. The happy ending to this story is that, in the end, Jackie and I reserved 2 assigned seats at the Landmark theater (a better theater, by the way) for $12.50 each. Of course they still hit us with that darn "Convenience" Charge.

PS - I did a little more research on this specific showing and they mention something called ETX which stands for Enhanced Theater Experience. I looked it up and it says there is supposed to be a bigger screen, better sound, etc. This sounds like a major scam to me. Please, if anyone experiences the ETX, let me know if it is worth a 35% increase to the ticket price.


  1. First!!! I'm your first follower, Geoff, and one of your biggest fans. I hesitate to say that I'm your biggest fan, because that would be stepping in front of Jackie. You're a married man with a family now, so your wife and your daughter come first. But I've always loved you more than life itself, so I guess I rank up there somewhere. Your comments about your family in your profile really touched me. We love you very very much. Your dad.

  2. I couldn't help but subscribe, based on the title of your Blog alone. You know what a "hater" I am. So far, I completely agree with your posts. Although, I'm still the same dupe who's going to dole out that kind of cash for the summer flicks. We see all of our movies at the Arclight. Talk about a rip-off. I think tickets to Disneyland are less expensive at this point!!!

  3. I like the blog, Geoff! Hopefully you can keep this one alive unlike your buddy, Joe did with his!

  4. Ok, but since you're Westchester adjacent, you should go to films at the Howard Hughes Promenade. Sure, the tickets still aren't cheap, but...you can pay for the Director's Hall (which is reserved seating...brilliant! no waiting in line for the perfect seats--you just click on the seating chart online). Parking is $2 which is lame, but we're close enough to walk if we hustle. And...for some shows they do 21 and over and serve drinks!!!

    Granted, it was another $4 for a small glass of wine, but it made SuperBad tolerable. I'm just sayin'.

  5. By the way, Boomer23 is Phil, your dad. I have to figure out how to change my screen name from the one I picked years ago when I first set up my Google profile.